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Italians are in constant search for beauty, opulence, and quality in every aspect of their lives. Stylish appearance, gallant manners, contagious joy for life, decadent cuisine, flourishing creativity, stunning arts & comfortable luxury require a skill set that has been built for centuries and is nourished daily. I found out it's all teachable, creates an immense self-confidence and builds attraction through the roof. If you want to add an authentic quality or knowledge you admire, it's best you put yourself in an inspiring environment which professes the very same values.

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Florence Santa Croce Dante Tips From Italy


Visiting passively Italy is no longer enough. In an overwhelming technological world, we crave connection. Eating in restaurants, visiting museums and drinking wine is no longer a satisfying experience for a vacation - these are things that can be easily done anywhere around the globe. Beyond the discovery, you can also add a skill or a competence. These packages are not your typical rushed trips from the Amalfi coast to Rome, Florence & Venice. The 20 Italian regions here have distinct traits. The best way for you to have beautiful stories to tell, true understanding and learn long-lasting charming tricks is to dive deep into how locals live. We'll learn how to make the real cannoli siciliani in Palermo, personal styling in Florence and cruise on a yacht in the Island of Capri. Some of the experiences are ungoogleable. All of them are custom-made & personalized. Check the authentic retreats and choose the one that appeals most to you.


Italians are known in the whole world for their captivating elegance, contagious wit, exquisite cuisine, stunning fashion sense, enviable joy for life and breathtaking art displays. The Authentic Retreats In Italy are designed in a way for you to take part in activities which will boost your creativity, enhance your knowledge and add up to your self-confidence. You'll live like a local and will be given the opportunity to make your own the qualities and the skills you recognize yourself in. Personal styling sessions, Italian etiquette conversations, (pastry) chefs private cooking classes, arts & crafts workshops and local cultural exploration will help you do just that.

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Authentic Retreats Partners Tips From Italy


Each of the partners involved in your retreat is a local Italian. The ones in the US are people who have passion and knowledge gathered during their visits here. Courses and accommodation are chosen to reflect the region's and the city's culture in an authentic way and provide you with a first-hand exchange so you can form your own ideas. The choice is of quality over quantity with ethical policies, timely manners, and reasonable pricing.


Groups are composed of 6-8 people. The program usually covers half a day and gives you rest free for you to explore, relax or sip a cup of coffee/glass of wine somewhere picturesque. Personally crafted real-time local events & recommendations of all sorts will be provided to you upon registration. The main location is one for full immersion and proper time & money investment. Daily trips to other cities/locations are organized.

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Organized group trips to Italy are usually spread all over its vast territory, changing too many cities leaving visitors often overwhelmed with too much sightseeing, poor choice of restaurants which have to accommodate large groups and 'free' time spent in traveling from one location to another. When you join our small group a guide with local current events, monuments, tour guides of preference will be given to you to ensure you have an educated choice. Should you decide to explore even further on your own or with a new acquaintance! The experience will be hassle- and language barrier- free. Yet, true to local culture.


We will be 6-8 people. Italian attention and exclusivity are destined for small groups.

Authentic SicilyAuthentic Retreat In Sicily By Tips From Italy

Pastry, Craft, Culture & Sea

Dive deep in shopping on open air markets, prepare delicious local dishes, learn how to make cannoli siciliani & sunbathe in Italy most beautiful beaches.

Authentic CapriAuthentic Retreat in Capri By Tips From Italy

Sea, Sight & Shopping

 The Island of Capri is one of the world's most exclusive locations. Come and cruise on a yacht with us, explore the spectacular island cultural heritage and sunbathe in its clear emerald waters. Shopping will be on too.

Authentic FlorenceAuthentic Retreat In Florence By Tips From Italy

Art, Cuisine & Personal Styling

Florence displays 20% of the world historical art heritage, indulges even the most demanding palates with exquisite cuisine and is a fashion trendsetter and leader. Benefit the knowledge of local masters.